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Pennsylvania Cooking and Culinary Courses
If you really love to cook and want to have a career in the culinary arts, there may be one or two local cooking classes and chef training courses available to you.

Local cooking studentsIn the past, many chefs began their careers through entry level positions working as short-order cooks or in food preparation in a restaurant. They would receive on the job training and later move their way up to an assistant chef level position. But today, most working chefs have some formal education and training in the culinary arts and kitchen management.

What type of training do you need?
The type of training you need is somewhat determined by where you want your career to go. If you plan to become an executive chef or work at an exclusive restaurant you may need years of training and experience. This might also include an apprenticeship, where you study under a skilled chef.

Most chefs and cooks begin their training in a vocational school, community college, university or specialty culinary school. While some classes are strictly about meal preparation and cooking, most programs also cover aspects of kitchen and restaurant management as well.

What type of course will you need to take?
Cooking classes will vary depending on the type of cook or chef you want to become. The basic courses that all students take generally include:

• Cooking basics
• Preparing ingredients
• Food preparation
• Culinary techniques
• Sauces, dressings and soups
• Menu planning
• Knife skills
• Food cost and control
• Fruits and vegetables
• Diet and nutrition
• Food safety and sanitation
• Preparing meals for banquets and large groups

How long will it take to become a chef?
The amount and type of classes you've taken, along with your cooking experience, will determine where you start in your career. Most formal culinary programs will include a working apprentice position in a local restaurant. These apprenticeships get you the experience you need fast.

What types of jobs are available here in Pennsylvania?
There are numerous jobs in the food industry that are available after you have successfully completed cooking classes and chef training.

An executive chef is typically in control of their kitchen. They manage most of what goes on, from menu preparation and food presentation to hiring the kitchen staff.

A sous chef works directly under the executive chef and is typically second in command. The sous chef is also responsible for preparing food and overseeing the kitchen staff.

If you wish to be involved with preparing meals for large events such as weddings and corporate events, you may want to become a chef for a catering company.

Or if you prefer working alone, you might want to consider becoming a personal chef. A personal chef will handle all aspects of menu planning and food preparation for a family, small group or even an individual.

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