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If you aren't able to regularly attend a chef training program at a local culinary school, you still have the option of taking an online course or two. Or sometimes your local vocational or technical school will offer a very short cooking course. Sometimes these courses only last three to five days. By taking one of these short courses, you may get a better idea of whether or not a career in the culinary arts is right for you. Read more

If you decide that cooking isn't your thing, you will need to find something else. Three of the best career fields today are business, engineering and information technology.

Business majors end up working in many different areas. You could end up in accounting or sales or anyplace in between. In college, you could major in accounting or finance if you like numbers; marketing, advertising or public relations if you like the sales aspect of business; information management if you are into computing; human resources or management if you like people problems; or a general business administration degree to get a little bit of all of them.

In business, while most students stop with a bachelors degree, some continue on and slowly work to earn their masters degree.

Along with business, information technology (IT) has plenty of hot careers. Computer science and IT graduates typically have no problem finding starting positions after graduation. The pay is usually good and advancement opportunities are wide open. Learn more

Engineering graduates encounter the same employment prospect situation. Although there are so many different areas of engineering, some fields end up with more job offers than others. Some fields of engineering demand that engineers get out of the office and do some work around whatever it is they are working on. So if you just want to sit in an office all day, you will have to find a sector of engineering that allows that. Learn more

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Pennsylvania cooking colleges have a look at some private academic institutions and career curriculums.
Student options and explore schools in majors which include fashion, teaching, physics or business administration.

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